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First a word about logo's. Logo's are very personal. They can be
as simple as the letter style you choose for your company, or as complex
as you like. A logo needs to be easily identifiable to your company, easy
to read, and attractive in form and color. As a general rule, simple is better.
Who hasn't seen 3M's logo and known whose it was. This is probably the
exception because it is almost too simple. IBM used to use block letters
and now they have put lines across the letters to jazz it up a little.
Coca Cola uses a style of lettering. Other companies use graphics to get
their point across. It is usually a combination that works best. We want to
help design a logo that will work well for your company
and please you at the same time.
If you already have a logo we can digitize it for you and use it in any number
of sign and sticker uses.
If you have a logo that lacks enthusiasm we can help here also.
Contact us and let us address your questions.

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