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How To Order Your Sign


It is important that you are aware of a few things in order
to get what you want and have it fit the area that you need it to.
The following are some tips that will help you to accomplish this.

Select the letter or font style that you want to use.
Finding a sample in a magazine, newspaper, or even the phonebook is an easy way.
Measure the tallest and widest dimensions of the area where you
want to put your sign. Be sure to leave a border area. You don't want your sign
running off the edge of your background material.
Select a graphic if you are using one, or use your company logo.
Lay out your graphic the way you want it. If this is for a
business you may want to use a layout similar to your business card or letterhead.
We can assist you with this or help you develop a graphic or logo.
Select the color or colors that you want to use for your sign or sticker.
(Keep in mind what your background color is so that you contrast but don't clash.)
Fax, email or mail us a copy of what you have and we can
provide you with an estimate for the finished product. (The better the copy of your
artwork that we get the easier it is for us to digitize it into the computer
and therefore the less this step will cost you as we digitize on a per hour basis.)
You can email us all the info also. If you choose to do this, please follow the following suggestions;
Save your layout and / or graphics as a .gif or .jpg file.
Try to keep the artwork to a maximum size of 4" in your graphics program.
This keeps the file size smaller for sending and receiving.

Over the past several years doing business on the internet, we have been able to keep the
end prices down by corresponding via email and, when required, posting a page to
show the necessary layout and graphics. We have, therefore, discontinued having
catalogs printed and they are no longer available. Sorry.

If you would like to get more
information or to place an order....

Simply send us an email and let us know how we can help.

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All Rights Reserved