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Privacy Statement

We have hesitated to include a privacy statement before this. We had hoped that you, our customers, would just assume that we were not divulging your information. Finally we decided that there is so much spam being generated from so many websites that are supposed to be "private", that we decided to let you, our customers, know our position on this issue.

We appreciate your business and inquiries and have no intention of breaching your trust.


The  Calsign website and any and all pages, including all email correspondence and transactions will never be compiled into a list that will be sold, period. Your name and any information we may have about you is for our business purposes only and not for others. We never release any information about our customers unless they authorize us to do so for some specific reason. Any logo we create belongs to the person or company we created it for and is not ours to distribute. Any logo that we have been authorized to duplicate, in any way, remains the property of that customer and again, is not ours to distribute. The only exceptions is if you have requested an ad in our advertisers section or have instructed us to forward all or part of your material to another.

We want you to feel confident that your private information is, and will stay, private. 

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