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Sign Types

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To find out more about the type of sign you are interested in,
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Building and Office Signs
Construction Signs
Flags and Pennants
Magnetic Signs
Menu Boards
Photo luminescent
Race Vehicles
Sign Frames
Sign Materials
Show Cars
Vehicles and Vehicle Lettering
Vinyl Material Types
Yard Signs

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Banners are used for a variety of sign needs. The most common is
for temporary signage. Temporary signs are most commonly used for announcing
sales, specials, new businesses, etc. We offer a wide variety of banner materials,
colors, and sizes. We have done large and small banners alike.
There is no real key to sizing banners, but our most common
sizes are 3" x 6', 3' x 10', and 6' x 12'. There are several considerations when choosing a
banner. The following lists some of those considerations:
Size allowed by city code.
How long the city will allow you to keep the banner up.
Size of area where you want to put the banner.
Distance from where you put the banner to where people can see the banner.
Intended purpose of banner.
Is the area affected by wind.
Do you need both sides of the banner lettered.
We can suggest a banner and size that will best suit your needs.
We also offer pre-made banners in 3'x5',  3'x10' and 3'x20'.
Click here for more info on pre-made banners.

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Building & Office Signs

Buildings often need signs that no one thinks about. There are
room or office numbers, directories, company names and logo's on doors
and windows, parking spaces, directional signs, handicapped signs, etc.
We can coordinate your building so that the signs make sense to someone who
is looking for a particular office or room. The arrows point in the right direction
and the directories are in logical order. This helps tenants a great deal and a
happy tenant will resign his lease, he just needs to know that the building
manager wants to make it as easy as possible for people to get where they are going.
We also do individual small signs or replace broken or missing signs.

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Car Show Aids

Car shows as well as boat and other shows are a great place to display
your products or toys. We make Plexiglas (or other materials) show cards to let people
know what you have, what you've done or what ever you want to convey. When you go
to a show you see signs that list the assets or attributes of the vehicle or item you are looking
at, these are show cards. Show cards cost a lot more at the shows than they do if you
plan ahead, and you usually can't get anything custom at the show. You usually are stuck
with whatever the sign person uses for supplies as normal fare. We make custom show
cards that you can be proud to display with your vehicle.
We can also help color coordinate your sign.

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Construction Signs

There are many uses for signs and stickers around construction sites. We make
many company stickers for construction equipment such as the doors of trucks or the
boom on large equipment like forklifts and cranes. Contractor license numbers on trucks
and equipment, equipment numbers, Company names and logo's on vehicles, generators,
pumps, etc., are all popular. We can make a variety of job site signs from entrance signs for
large construction sites down to yard signs for re-modelers. We also make temporary signs,
banners, magnetic signs, and a host of other signs useful to the contractor.

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Please visit our other pages and see how we can help you with your sign needs!

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Flags & Pennants

Flags and pennants are an easy and inexpensive way to draw attention to
an area or business. We have all seen car dealers that have pennants waving over all their
cars, this is the way they bring attention to their products.
You can use them for any number of activities or events. 

Pennant flag color combinations

Pennant Pricing
9"x11" Pennants - 40 flags per 50' 12"x18" Pennants - 40 flags per 60'
1 to 10 strings $8.00 ea 1 to 10 strings $8.00 ea
11 to 49 strings $7.60 ea 11 to 49 strings $7.60 ea
50 or more strings $7.00 ea 50 or more strings $7.00 ea
Extra savings on 12'x18" Pennants - priced same as  9"x11"
9"x11" Pennants - 80 flags per 100' 12"x18" Pennants - 65 flags per 100'
1 to 10 strings $13.00 ea 1 to 10 strings $13.00 ea
11 to 49 strings $12.60 ea 11 to 49 strings $12.60 ea
50 or more strings $12.00 ea 50 or more strings $12.00 ea

Other types are available on request.

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Magnetic Signs

Magnetic signs are used by many people and companies who don't
want a sign on their vehicle all the time. Magnetic signs are easy to install and
remove and offer the added feature of portability between different vehicles. Many homeowner
associations won't allow you to park your vehicle on the street or in your own 
driveway with company lettering or logo's on you vehicle. One pair
of magnetic signs can be used on whatever vehicle your are using at the time.
Magnetic signs also make good transitional signs where they can be moved around
as required or taken down when not in use. Magnetic signs can be made in a
variety of colors, not only white.

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Menu Boards

Menu boards are not just restaurant signs they are signs
that list the products and services you sell. You see them everywhere and
they let the customer know how much different items will cost. Menu boards
can and should be a vital part of any retail business. We generally use vinyl
lettering on menu boards so that inexpensive changes can be made from time
to time as you add or delete products or services or change prices. We do menu
boards from the plain to the exotic. Let us know your needs so we can assist
you in getting the sign you want.

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Photo luminescent

There are now a wide range of photo luminescent products on the market.
We do not stock them due to their specialty and expense, however we do
order them and can get the photo luminescent vinyl's to make signs out of.
While they are not inexpensive, we do try to find a good product at a fair price
so that we may keep the expense of the end product as affordable as possible.
In many cases these materials are not elective, they are required for safety reasons. When 
that is the case, we feel that we can provide you with reliable product at a reasonable price

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Race Vehicles

We have a wide range of experience in lettering, logo's, numbers,
sponsors, etc. on race vehicles. We have worked on Off Road Vehicles, Legends Cars,
Indy Cars, Stock Cars, Dragsters, Off Shore Racers, Drag Boats, Regatta Boats,
Cup Boats, Racing Airplanes, Motorcycles, Go Karts, Plus a host of other types.
It is necessary to expose your sponsors name during these events, and it is also good
for their business. We have sponsored many types of vehicles and it works for us.
Many sponsors provide their own stickers but often they will be of a size that doesn't fit
your vehicle or the available area on your vehicle. 
We can help here too by custom sizing and different colors,
This is the part of the sign business that we got started in and we have spent a great
deal of time perfecting ways to get the desired results.
Contact us and let us help you however we can.
Click here to see some of the vehicles we have had a hand in lettering.

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Sign Frames

Sign frames vary a lot depending on sign size, application, cost, and
application needs. We offer a wide variety of framing materials to choose from although
many signs use no frame at all. Among the materials we offer are wood, Plexiglas, metal,
aluminum, and in some cases concrete and plaster. There are a wide variety of color finishes
that can be used on these materials. We also offer a professional framing service
through another vender that we work with.
For more information please ask.

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Sign Materials

We offer a wide variety of sign backing materials.
The purpose of this page is to describe some of these materials and
give some specifications on various types.


This is a plastic that is very durable. It will bend and return well.
It comes in sheets up to 4' x 8'. It comes in thickness' from .020" to .125".
It yellows in sunlight over a period of time.


PVC is a cast plastic. It is less durable than polystyrene but it
does not yellow like polystyrene. It comes in sheets up to 4' x 8' and
thickness' from .125" to 1.25".
We also offer a more dense PVC which is more like plexiglas.


This is a sandwiched material using .020 polystyrene facing
with a foam core. It comes in sheets up to 4" x 8' and thickness' from 3/16" to 1 1/2".
It is durable and is used for lightweight signs and foam letters. It accepts latex paint
and vinyl's easily. Works very well for outdoor applications.
This is the preferred material for dimensional letters.


Commonly referred to as Plexiglas. This comes in a wide variety of
thickness', sheet sizes, and colors including matte finish, clear, translucent,
transparent, and mirrored. Excellent for all sign applications including backlighting.


This comes in sheets up to 4' x8' and is commonly 4mm thick.
Available in colors this material is a corrugated plastic that looks like cardboard.
Inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to work with. As with cardboard, 
once you bend it, it has a permanent crease.


This is a foam sandwiched between a treated paper. It comes in sheets
up to 4' x 8' and thickness' of .3/8 in white and .3/16 in white and colors.


Banner material comes in a wide variety of colors, weights, and sizes.
This comes in weights from 8oz to 22oz and single panel widths up to 6'. For all 
practical purposes it comes in lengths longer than you would ever need. We have made
banners from as small as 6" x 36" all the way up to 6' x 65' and paneled banners up
to 25' x 30'. You can get the banners hemmed and grommeted and rope can be sewn
into the hems. With banners, the heavier the material the more durable the banner.
You will need to consider the application, size, length of time of intended use, mounting
application, and wind possibility when determining the type and size of banner your need.
Material comes in standard colors and fluorescents. This also comes in a material
that is like a screen that you can see thru.


There are also many other materials available for use in making signs.
To mention a few; polycarbonate, aluminum, steel, glass, lexan,
wood, precision board, fiberglass, etc..

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We do lettering on all types of vehicles: car, truck, van, tractor,
trailer, boat, personal watercraft, snow mobile, airplane, helicopter, race vehicles
of all types, show cars, are but some examples. Take some time and browse
through our website and you will find several examples of how we can help you with
your vehicle lettering needs, as well as how to determine pricing for what you want.

We can design a logo for you or digitize yours to go on whatever you like.
Advertising on the side of your vehicle is a great way to get your name around
and the ad space doesn't cost you anything. Most of our customers tell us it
only takes a couple of months to return your original investment, which is excellent
advertising. This also makes it easier to establish your tax write off.

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Vinyl Types

Vinyl's don't seem to be very well understood as to their durability,
fade resistance, and quality. Rather than try to explain these I have chosen to
reprint an article from the "BLS NEWSLETTER" of August 3, 1996. It was
true then and it is true today.
As you read the article, keep in mind that the vinyl represents a 
relatively small portion of the cost of any sign.



seems to be the rule when it comes to
the life expectancy of vinyl these days. We recently experienced a distributor saying
that a certain vinyl, by a major manufacturer, had a life expectancy of 5 years. In
reality the manufacturer states, in it's specification sheet, that it is a 3 to 5 year
material with many disclaimers as to its use, exposure and possible color fade.
Just about every manufacturer states, in it's warranty, that it is up to the individual
applying the vinyl to determine its actual usage. In any case, the manufacturer is only
liable for replacement of the vinyl itself.

The type(s) of vinyl have become even more confusing within the past year.
We have been approached by several manufacturers of calendared vinyl
with 3mil, 3.6mil, & 4mil (thickness'). Each one claims to offer features that the other
one doesn't, such as gloss, semi gloss, matte, and heaven knows what. When we ask
about durability, we hear just about anything we want. One particular manufacturer told us
that it's vinyl had always been a 2 to 3 years material but the competition was so great
for 5 year material that he decided to up it to 5 years and see what happens.
This gave us a real feeling of security, Ha!

Lets get serious

about the different calendared vinyl's.
Coated 3mil vinyl's carry the longest life expectancy. Next comes the 3.6mil and last t
he 4mil. 3mil tends to shrink the least and last the longest with 4mil shrinking the most
and having the shortest life. Stability of color is somewhat like paint. Yellows and reds
fade the fastest, blues and greens the least. Probably the most important part of any vinyl,
after the stock itself, is the adhesive. These vary all over the board. Acrylic adhesive is the
standard of the industry but even these vary from bad to good, depending on composition.


It usually follows true to form that there is nothing you
can't make cheaper and sell for less. Well this holds true, especially in calendared vinyl.
This holds true even with the big name manufacturers. In the end, who suffers for all the
cost cutting? As we see it, first our customer then you the sign shop and ourselves the
distributor converter. The last is line is the manufacturer
offering to reimburse only the material cost.

The larger picture.

If you, the sign shop, intend to be around for the
long haul the way we do, it's time ... to take a long look at what we are doing. First
is saving ...dollars ... and having your customer come back complaining ...(worth it)?
For the life of me I can't see where the savings ... is
worth it. If we all ... use the right product for the job, our life expectancy, as business people,
will be much longer with less hassle. It takes you the sign shop, ourselves the converter, and
the manufacturer to educate your customer about the reason some jobs cost more and some
less. I believe the trade magazine "Signs of the Times", in it's June 95 issue, explained the
proper usage's of different vinyl's the best I have ever seen. Simplified it breaks down to this;
High Performance vinyl where exposure to the elements is
severe, i.e. Outdoor sign faces, Trucks, Vehicles, and Non-lighted store fronts.
Calendared vinyl's for Short Term, outdoor exposure of 3 to 5
years, Indoors, and Banners. Translucent vinyl's for Back lighted Signs....
Reflective, Metalized, and Fluorescent are specialty
materials and should be used as such....
Why sacrifice your reputation for a few dollars? We won't.
Reprinted in part. by permission - BLS sign supplies

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Yard Signs

Yard signs come in many shapes and sizes. You have seen
real estate signs that just stick in the ground on a metal post and you have seen
concrete monument signs. Signs that are attractive and relay the message that you
want them to are important. You may have an apartment complex that you want people
to be able to locate or you may be a carpet cleaner and you just want to let people know
who you are while you are doing your work. Yard signs can bring in a lot of extra business
if people know who you are and what you are doing in their neighborhood. This is good
advertising that lets potential customers know who you are and that you are not hiding,
but rather that you are quietly soliciting their business. These signs are also very cost effective.

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